Samsung accessibility service issues

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It seems that the new upcoming roms (android 4.2.1) will fix these issues. I've tried on of the leaked roms for the Galaxy S3 GT-i9300 and found that the talkback issue is fixed. I installed using the instructions here. If you choose to install the leaked version, you do so at your own risk! But for everyone else it looks like a fix is coming!


We are aware that on most Samsung devices that run Android 4.0 (Ice cream sandwich) or greater that enabling the accessibility service causes several issues with the device. Those identified are:

These issues are not specific to Light Flow and are common across all apps that use the accessibility service. Some other example apps where accessibility can be switched on are: Tasker, Llama, noLed, iPhone notifications, Pops and Audio Control

There are some potential workarounds to some of the issues:

If you still want to use the default TouchWiz launcher then try the following:

Note that the above process may impact on other apps that use Text-to-Speech such as s-voice.

I have spend considerable time investigating this issue and continue to do so. I'm also trying to raise the profile of this issue with Samsung. I've sent some sample code to their Research and Development team in Texas. I've had the issue raised with a product manager in Finland.

The current attempt is to try and collaborate with other developers facing this issue and we are raising the issue in one thread on the Samsung developer forums. You can read about it here. Hopefully given their response and the fact their support can also recreate the issue with the addition of the sample app and code I've sent them it will allow them to address the issue. On 8 November 2012 Samsung have now opened a ticket with their development team to look into this.

We apologize for any inconvienence caused by this bug and I continue to look for ways around it, but hopefully samsung will respond positively and work on putting a fix out for the underlying service issue.

It is possible to use some of the features of the app without the accessibility service, but some notifications won't be possible and others will need changing from their default settings.

The following notifications will work without accessibility:

- SMS (with the option of clear notification style set to screen or manual)
- Sliding messaging - select SMS, but can leave default settings
- MMS (with the option of clear notification style set to screen or manual)
- Individual Calendars (no special settings needed)
- Reminders for all calendars (works as long as the "monitoring method" is set to "calendar entries" and the "clear notification style is set to "reminder")
- Gtalk (with the option of clear notification style set to screen or manual)
- Battery charged
- Battery charging
- Low battery
- Missed call
- Silent mode
- No signal
- Phone signal
- Bluetooth on
- Pebble
- reddit is fun
- MyCntdwn
- Calendar Event Reminder


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