There are two versions of Light Flow, a free version (Light Flow Lite) and the full version. See some screenshots of the app.
Below is a list of features and the differences between the two versions.


Lite Version  

Full Version

Notification speed settings, change the blink rate of notifications
Successive notification colors, where the app cycles through all outstanding notification colors.
Change every
20 seconds
Change up to
every 2.5 seconds
Different speed of changing colors for when on battery and on charge (very limited in lite version)
Sleep time settings, to stop notifications at night controlled by time or NFC tags/stickers
Charging settings, to stop notifications when on charge
Choose the notification LED colors (see Phone compatibility)
Choose initial notification sounds
Select repeating notification sounds, with frequency and duration settings
Choose initial vibration pattern
Instant alert notifications - vibrate the phone when picked up
Choose repeating notification pattern, with frequency and duration settings
Automatically switch off the LED notification after a period of time (if you want it to)
Popup notifications for when the screen is on
Test notifications
Volume control of each notification sound, plus option to separate notifications and ringtones in ICS
Instant Alert - Vibrate phone when it's picked up for selected notification types
Backup and restore notification settings
Change language
Missed Call notifications (including contact specific notifications)
Voice mail notifications  -
Wifi on notifications  -
Data connection notifications  -
E-mail notifications
SMS notifications (including contact specific notifications and support for popular SMS apps such as Handcent, GoSMSPro, Sliding Messaging, ChompSMS)
MMS notifications
Gmail notifications - set per gmail account down to individual labels
WhatsApp (Contact specific notifications, individual or group messages each with their own settings)  -
Low battery notification (with configurable threshold)
Battery charging notification
Battery full notification (with configurable threshold)
Silent/vibrate mode
Google Now notifications (15 different categories)  -
No cell signal notification  -
Additional Supported Apps (only available in the full version)  -
Price Free About $2.49